If you have reached this site due to some search result (Google) or some shared link, I regret to inform that this blog is closed now and I have absolutely no intention of getting it back up. Sorry. However, if you still need assistance / details about any post, please feel free to contact me, I will see what I can do.

About me 🔰

Kevin Shah
👈 This is me. I am born and raised in Mumbai, India and have completed my studies in Computer Engineering from Mumbai. Currently, I am with Redis - working as a Professional Services Consulting Engineer. Prior that, I used to be a post-sales consultant in VMware based out of Mumbai, India but I am off for some newer challenges as of now. My work experience ranges from Redis (OSS and Enterprise), VMware vSphere to vRealize Automation and Orchestration to Linux systems administration to web development.
When I am not working / travelling for work (or personal), I will be:
  • Going through my feed on Youtube
  • Redditting
  • Binge watching The Office!
  • Reading some lengthy How to not do technology X, where X is definitely something I do not use or intend to.
  • Listening to a movie's background music and / or Ludovico Einaudi's Experience or Nuvole Bianche on loop, for some reason none of my friends seem to be doing it.
  • Reading fiction, although a solid rookie over there.
  • Being a nerd (~80% of my free time).

My Social Network availability

At the moment, I am not on any social network with the exception of WhatsApp (if you consider it to be a social network). I used to be an avid social network user on all the major social networking sites (Some of my old content might still be available) but lately the revelations and the scandals have taken me away from all that, courtesy of Zuck's trial and numerous well-researched and documented articles from reputed publications on how we are been screened, monitored and manipulated. To add to it, the thought that my social profile (stuff that I do and the personal opinions I have in my private life) may impact my future career prospects, visa approvals / rejections just makes me slighty uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I am a clean man, Source: All the backgrounds checks done till date (14th Jan, 2023).

I definitely miss staying in touch or at least updated with my social circle. While I am still being tracked, profiled and manipulated on some level (search results for example), I have decided to stay *off-grid*. It is a trade-off I am making by choice...

However, I still need to be reachable. You can reach me via Email or on Github. Thank you for reading!